https://www.pngsecuritycongress.com/speakers.html Excited to be attending the 2020 PNG Security Congress being held at the Stanley Hotel over 3 days from the 2nd to 4th of March, 2020 and presenting - "DRONES FOR GOOD"

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It’s a Crime. Say No to Violence.

LEAD NOW to END Gender Based Violence. "Advocate, Inspire, Support and Transform" Ares Concepts supports the RPNGC Domestic & Family Violence Unit.

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Western Australia. Armed Cash in Transit Industry

Tactical Firearms Training Enhanced Weapons Skills. Dynamic CQB TTP's. Weapons Transition Drills. Stress Inoculation. Carry concealed? Learn the "Sweep Back & Recovery" technique. Win the Fight. Perth, Western Australia Terms & Conditions apply. Limited availability when in Perth. Booking required. Email: training@aresconcepts.com  Tel: 0413649367 (this is not license endorsement training)

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Crime Intelligence Report PNG

Our thanks are extended to our client, CORPS Security (PNG) for providing Ares Concepts with this intel report (edited). 

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Body Armour Training

Body Armour Training. Before you make possibly the most important investment in your life, if makes sense that you select the right kind and level of protection, the right size, correct fit and how to look after your Body Armour, so it will look after you and SAVE YOUR LIFE Equivalent to new industry competency [...]

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Ares Concepts is about building the capacity of developing nations and emerging democracies working toward sustainable Security & Law Enforcement of a nation through our training and mentoring. We provide learning, develop skills and understanding enabling the people and country to move forward. #PNG #TIMOR L'ESTE #SOLOMON ISLANDS #FIJI #OCEANA #AFRICA

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The Sahel Region and the Threat to Australian Miners

 Risks faced by Australian miners operating in Africa.   The Australian Government is increasingly concerned about the growing security threats to Australians overseas, including kidnapping. The Australian, UK, US Government’s long-standing policy is that the Government will not pay ransoms to kidnappers. If operating in High Risk Areas, you should; Understand the security environment. Develop a robust risk [...]

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Supporting the Men & Women of our Return Services League

I was honoured to be invited to join the North Beach Sub Branch RSLWA. I saw this an opportunity to offer my support to the men and women who currently serve or have served in our defence forces and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation that is Australia. Lest We Forget.    Attending my [...]

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Operational Safety & Tactics Training for Emerging Nations

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Defensive Security Driver Training Services

  Essential Training for Drivers of Embassy Staff and Dignitaries, Diplomats, Executives  and Expatriates in Hostile and Violent environments.  

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