We have a tailored CPO course; 10 Days, 14 Units Corporate Executive Close Protection Operations. to extend the skills and knowledge beyond that of entry level Body Guard training. The course provides for a Career Pathway in the Protective Security Industry. It’s the next logical step in your PD. Course includes; Tactical Driving, Defensive Tactics, Foot Drills, TECC, Ops Planning, Op Orders, Security Assessments


Units Corporate Executive Close Protection Operations
10 Days – 14 units
Unit 1 Provide protective security operation services
Unit 2 Facilitate workplace briefing and debriefing process
Unit 3 Assess threat
Unit 4 Conduct tactical assessment of the Area of Operation
Unit 5 Undertake a security reconnaissance (including Advance Survey)
Unit 6 Recognise and avoid improvised explosive devices
Unit 7 Undertake Tactical Driving
Unit 8 Carry out vehicle inspection
Unit 9 Carry out vehicle servicing and maintenance
Unit 10 Counter hostile surveillance activities
Unit 11 Deploy protection formations on foot
Unit 12 Provide protection from a sniper
Unit 13 Tactical Emergency Combat Casualty Care
Unit 14 Manage Conflict Through Negotiation

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