Close Protection Operations (Corporate & Hostile Environment) Courses are accredited by the International Close Protection Training Association (ICPTA)
Our Learning and Assessment observes that of the Australian national training framework and worlds best practice in high risk security training.
Yes. Pistol – CPP course
Pistol and Long Arm – HECPO
Diploma of Close Protection Operations (Corporate Protection) or
Diploma of Close Protection Operations (Hostile Environment)
Yes, you must be able to provide suffiecient evidence to support your claim of competence to gain RPL
No. ARES Concepts has a courtesy pickup to and from the airport.
Yes, 50% deposit (half of course fee) payable 90 days prior to start of course
Balance payable 4 weeks prior to commencement of course
Rather than postpone, we would suggest you to consider rescheduling onto another course. You will not lose any fees paid. No refund will be given for cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course date.
An administration fee will be charged for cancellations and deducted from any refund.
Corporate discount may be given for group bookings and repeat business
No, but you must have a minimum of 5 years armed operational service within the last 5 – 7 years in Security, Police or Miltary services
International Drivers License is required for Light Vehicle class (Manual & Automatic Transmissions) and you will be required to present your national motor drivers license at commencement of the course.
A medical clearance stating that you are physically and mentally fit to undertake extended physical exertion and mental duress must be obtained from your Doctor and submitted on attendance at course. Ares Concepts reserves the right to refuse an application and or participation by a student and the decision is final.
All convictions will be assessed case by case
It is highly recommended that you have a level of cardio and anearobic fitness equivelent to that required of participating in competitive sporting activity (ie Triathalons, Rugby, Cross Fit).
Yes. Learning materials, handouts are in English. Interpretor services can be arranged for corporate bookings for foreign student groups
Please read carefully the Joining Instructions. You will be further advised of any additional personal requirements.
Check with your local travel agent and or relevant Government Agency in your country of jurisdiction.
It is highly recommended you obtain comprehensive insurance coverage for Travel, Health/Medical and Loss/Theft of property/valuables.
Yes, however courtesy is required to be given to Instructors and Students during training so as not to disturb, interrupt or disrupt training. Any contact made will be at your own cost.
Contact your Police/Law Enforcement Agency for information. When making application request for all criminal and spent (suspended) convictions to be identified.