Training Package

This intensive 15 day program covers all the core competencies of CP operations to operate in hostile and permissive environments. Ares Concepts creates an intensive training tempo simulating operational reality created through physical and mental duress to achieve Outcomes Based Learning. Balanced theoretical lessons and practical field skills required of a CPO are delivered by our Instructional Cadre who themselves operate as CPO’s all around the world. Current and relevant Training, Tactics, and Procedures will be intrinsic of the program additional to live fire drills on operational weapons.

Course Competencies

  1. Coordinate provision of quality security services to clients
  2. Plan provision of close protection servicesImplement close protection services
  3. Maintain work health and safety
  4. Determine and implement response to security risk situation
  5. Operate specialised security equipment
  6. Select, use and maintain body armour for security purposes
  7. Apply safe car driving behaviours
  8. Coordinate monitoring and control of individual and crowd behaviour
  9. Manage conflict and security risks using negotiation
  10. Control persons using empty hand techniques
  11. Control security risk situations using firearms
  12. Carry, operate and maintain semi automatic weapons for security purposes
  13. Provide advanced first aid
  14. Provide advanced resuscitation.

To be eligible for enrolment, candidates must meet the following minimum essential criteria and pre-requisites;

– Recent experience (within the last 10 years) with a minimum of 5 years armed operational security/police/military experience.

– Competent in the use of firearms & defensive tactics (Verification of Competency will be required).

– Medical clearance (Physically & Mentally fit)

– Current, valid light vehicle (manual & auto transmission) class international driver’s license.

– Police (Criminal & Civil) Records Certificate