This is a 2 day “Live In, On Base” fully catered program with the objective of readying you for deployment back “In Country”. Put lead down range and practise life saving skills and tactics. Individual and team drills including Contact Drills, Vehicle Cross Over & Man Down Drills. Get your head in the game. “Train Hard – Fight Easy”.

Live Fire. Fire & Movement Drills

Subjects covered include;
Live Fire. Range Drills (Primary & Secondary Weapons)
Live Fire. Vehicle Contact Drills (Static & Dynamic)
Live Fire. Cover & Fire Drills


Training can be tailored to meet company specific TTP’s with prior consultation. Terms & Conditions apply.

To be eligible for enrolment, candidates must meet the following minimum essential criteria and pre-requisites;

– Recent experience (within the last 2 – 5 years) with a minimum of 5 years armed operational security/police/military experience.

– Competent in the use of firearms & defensive tactics (Verification of Competency will be required).

– Medical clearance (Physically & Mentally fit)

– Current, valid light vehicle (manual & auto transmission) class international driver’s license.

– Police (Criminal & Civil) Records Certificate

Above criteria to be obtained from and verified with CV Check. You must Register with Ares Concepts to be able to undertake this process.