This advanced PDP course is a conducted over 10 days and aimed primarily at persons either wishing to enhance their existing Close Protection skill set or to remain a dedicated Protection Driver within Protective Security Operations. With experienced Instructors from Law Enforcement – Dignitary Protection Units and Special Forces Operators. As with all Ares Concepts training, this program is limited to persons who meet our prerequisite requirements to be eligible to enroll. The program includes the following core competencies:


PDP Competencies
Surveillance/Counter Surveillance (theory and practical components)
Vehicle Selection
Motorcade/Convoy Structures
Advanced Vehicle Control Skills
Advanced Vehicle Dynamics
Defensive/Offensive Driving
Opponent Elimination Techniques
Precision Immobilization Techniques (PIT Manoeuvring)
Vehicle Recovery Operations (Onroad & Offroad)
Embuss/Debuss Drills
Rolling Roadblocks & Vehicle Takeouts
High Speed Driving Techniques
Counter Attack Measures (vehicle penetration 
Route Planning/Route Reconnaissance
Evasive Manoeuvres
 Mobile Deployment of Tactical Weapons Systems

To be eligible for enrolment, candidates must meet the following minimum essential criteria and pre-requisites;

– Recent experience (within the last 2 – 5 years) with a minimum of 5 years armed operational security/police/military experience.

– Competent in the use of firearms & defensive tactics (Verification of Competency will be required).

– Medical clearance (Physically & Mentally fit)

– Current, valid light vehicle (manual & auto transmission) class international driver’s license.

– Police (Criminal & Civil) Records Certificate

Above criteria to be obtained from and verified with CV Check. You must Register with Ares Concepts to be able to undertake this process.

CF, Senior Instructor - Protection Driving Program

CF is a former Police officer with many years’ service in Australian Law Enforcement. As a former member of the VIP Cycle Unit and Protection Driver with the VIP Protection Unit, NSW Police School of Traffic and Mobile Policing, CF has had vast experience in all areas of High Risk vehicle operations. He has been a designated Protection Driver on many State Visits by Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries, and Royalty. Upon leaving the service, he operated as part of a dynamic instructional team at Honda Advanced Rider Training. CF has a diverse range of skills sets also representing NSW & Australia in Judo, having trained in Japan. CF leads our Protection Driving Program.