Risks faced by Australian miners operating in Africa.

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  1. The Australian Government is increasingly concerned about the growing security threats to Australians overseas, including kidnapping.
  2. The Australian, UK, US Government’s long-standing policy is that the Government will not pay ransoms to kidnappers.

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If operating in High Risk Areas, you should;

Understand the security environment.

Develop a robust risk assessment framework.

Develop and exercise contingency plans.

Minimise exposure of Australian nationals.

Get professional advice on security measures.

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 THE SAHEL REGION (in general)

The Sahel region is made up of centuries-old traditional trade routes and nomadic herding – now only distinguished by borders introduced by western colonialists.

Informal criminal networks across the Sahel region have flourished in recent years, the traditional routes and porous borders used for the movement of people, goods, weapons and drugs in more recent times as an illicit trade route from South America into Europe.

Tribesman, nomadic herdsman and traditional landowners have become “Stateless” and consequently, many communities living in the region have learnt to fend for themselves. (Where there is poverty and corruption, crime and radicalisation have been seen to develop).


Ares Concepts is a Bespoke Security Service provider with experience in the Sahel Region and operating in austere and hostile regions around the world.

An Insurance Policy is not enough.

If you have concerns about your Security, we can assist in mitigating your exposure.

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