I have extensive police, defence and security experience over a 30+ years, including private security work in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the field of CPP I have protected the highest members of the Australian Government, including being a personal CPP officer for a former Prime Minister. In the Australian Federal Police I held the rank of Team Leader (Inspector). I have worked for the Australian Department of Defence in the Protective Security field. I am currently employed in the Middle East as a Lead Instructor.
During my career, I have developed and delivered training in CPP, Firearms, the Use of Force, Advanced Driving and Counter Terrorism training. I was the Chief Defensive Skills Instructor for the Australian Federal Police and it is my considered professional opinion that the Australian certification- Advanced Certificate in Close Protection Operations is of international standard.

The Learning Outcomes are current and relevant in the performance of the duties of a Close Protection operative. The competencies learned in this training meets the needs of both an individual and a team to provide protective security services to the corporate sector and in hostile environments.

It is with pleasure that I make this recommendation and congratulate Mr. Simon G for developing and presenting an excellent training package that can be considered as a bench-mark in the training of close personal protection.

Wayne Comyn, Lead Instructor - Presidential Special Guard - Abu Dhabi, UAE
“I have known Andrew MacFarlane in a professional capacity for over twenty years and first met him when he was on interchange with the Australian Federal Police from the NSW Police Force. At the time I was an operational member of the AFP’s Special Operations Team and as a senior instructor in the Tactical Training Wing. Andrew completed a number of our Advanced SOT courses and was a member of the NSW Police Assault Group element under the National Anti-Terrorist Plan. Later I saw him in the role of Protection Officer attached to the NSW Police Counter Terrorist Command, where he took a senior project role for Dignitary & Athlete Protection for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. I know that since leaving the service, he has undertaken numerous CP roles both here in Australia and overseas in hostile areas.

His recent involvement in the development of the Advanced Certificate (Proposed CIV) in Close Personal Protection partnered with another subject matter expert and recognized ‘expert’ in the Use of Force, Mr. Simon G, an experienced tactical operations police officer with numerous roles in hostile environments displays his vast experience and knowledge of the industry and a strong grasp of Australia’s Training Framework. I have had the opportunity of reviewing the syllabus in full. From my own experiences, both here and overseas it is in my opinion that this program is at the forefront of civilian Close Personal Protection training here in Australia and overseas. Andrew’s leadership, background and experience will only enhance the quality outcomes of the training experience. I have no hesitation in recommending this comprehensive and practical training to persons wishing to undertake the course.”

Peter Grace, Former Federal Agent – Special Operations Team Member
Former Director of Security Intelligence and Investigations - Australian Defence Force
Former Director Security Intelligence and Investigations - Australian Crime Commission
Former Director Corruption Prevention - Australian Taxation Office
The programs offered and delivered by ARES Concepts clearly outline the ability of the directors to use an applied learning model that can explain how theory is applied to practice. The basis for this understanding is that the Directors have a rounded experience in both theory and practice and also have the academic qualification which reinforces their life skills and practical knowledge. The blended learning model offered is critical to the successful outcomes and professional aspirations of anyone working in the area of emergency management and critical incident management. The advanced communication of a globalised world means that conflict and suffering arising from natural disasters and political unrest requires timely responses and a need for organisational and individual resilience. The programmes offered will ensure that participants have the knowledge and skills to deal with a comprehensive and broad range of emergency management and critical incident situations. Andrew or Simon will be able to unambiguously advise you with regards your individual or your organisations needs, at this time or in the future.
Professor Michael Kennedy, Manager of International Affairs - Western Sydney University College
“Andrew was my colleague during the Sydney 2000 Olympics. As the Coordinator of Dignitary & Athlete Protection Unit, I oversaw his role as the Director of Training – DIGPRO. 600 police put through their paces in numerous CPP Courses at a Defence Force facility over 2 years. Andy led from the front on every one, and when the Games took place, 57 Dignitaries from around the world in Sydney in the same week, the CPP Police were a credit to the service and to Andy’s commitment.” This program has great subject matter content and to my mind the most comprehensive CPP training program in the region.”
Lee Howell, Former Detective Inspector – NSW Police Force – Dignitary Protection Unit
“Whenever I need protection guys in the KSA, I only use the ARES guys. The reason? They get here, get the job done professionally, discreetly and meet our objectives.”
Andrew Curran, Country Risk Manager – AECOM – Saudi Arabia